AHRAE Technical Committee 4.3

TC 4.3 - Ventilation Requirements & Infiltration

Want to become involved in ventilation, infiltration, and indoor air quality (IAQ) issues at the Society level? Please read through this web site and attend the physical-reality general and subcommittee meetings of TC 4.3 at the ASHRAE Annual and Winter Meetings!


TC 4.3 is concerned with ventilation requirements and the analysis of infiltration, airflow around buildings, exhaust, and the re-entry of exhaust, including their integration interactions with indoor air quality and energy calculations for buildings and HVAC system design and operation performance and energy consumption.


1997 TC 2.5 merged into TC 4.3
July 2003 TC 4.3 moved to Section 5 and renumbered TC 5.12.
January 2006 TC 5.12 moved back to Section 4 and renumbered TC 4.3.

TC 4.3's old scope: TC 4.3 is concerned with (1) the identification and evaluation of ventilation requirements for residential, commercial and institutional occupancies, and (2) the determination of air leakage in structural components and assemblies as affected by thermal pressure differentials.

TC 2.5's old scope: TC 2.5 is concerned with predicting the air flow around buildings and its effects on building and mechanical system performance. Issues include the impacts of wind and thermally driven air flows on: the effectiveness of mechanical systems and smoke pollutants relative to building intakes and exhausts, air flow through apertures in the building envelope, and convective heat transfer from building surfaces.

Last updated February 3, 2014